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     1967 - that was when the University of Santo Tomas' chapter of the SIGMA BETA TAU FRATERNITY was born. Under the wings of the dynamic founders, Drs. Brod. Jimmy Benitez, Michael de Castro, Rene Jallorina,and Felipe Salvador Jr., a mere vision of young men has today grown into a remarkable establishment. With outstanding dedication and leadership, these men began the development of the SIGMA BETA TAU. Their vision was aided into becoming reality with the help of the pioneers - Drs.Brod. Rizalino Arquillo, Manolo Cruz, Melanio Derro, Rodolfo Ibasco, Eulogio Macadangdang Jr., Ernesto Milambiling,Eduardo Millado, Teodoro Navarro, Bienvenido Olivarez, Nick Pabiona, Gener Porciuncula, Danilo Perez and Cesar Pimentel.

     Initiation - a word that brings vivid memories to all TITANS. One weekend in August 1967, a group of determined young men boarded a bus to Doña Pepang Subdivision somewhere in Marikina. The place sounds like it has all amenities and comforts that you could imagine. On the contrary, it was an isolated undeveloped terrain. The sweltering heat of the summer sun added to all the psychological and physical atrocities, made everybody feel that whole day seemed unending. As rigorous and grueling as that time was, a sense of bonding with fellow brothers resulted. We shared many aspects with one another that can never be taken away from us as long as we recognize the unity that we have become a part of.

     The frat in its formative years was tough. Like a little bird strives to perform the first breath of flight, so did we, eager and anxious, we strived to establish a firm foundation for the newly born fraternity and foremost to attain goals - brotherhood among members, helping one another for the academic excellence, future recognition by the university, (which is now a reality through the hard works of our succeeding Titan Brods, granted June 9, 1978 and received by pGT Jerry Banayat Jr.). We struggled together and overcame obstacles through resourcefulness. We attained an apartment close to the university where brods meet, relax and study. A modest collections of books, journals and review materials were available to members in need. The frat gradually progressed as the years came and blessed with the continuous influx of new generation TITANS Brods. As a flock of birds travel in a sharp V, so did SIGMA BETA TAU, as a cooperative whole.

     The emblem of our fraternity is a proud and mighty EAGLE. Elegant yet tough, an eagle embodies the characteristics of a TITAN. The wings of the eagle symbolize the founders and pioneers. After all, without wings, an eagle can not fly. As a TITAN, we have an obligation - to soar into the world with as much dignity and intelligence as our SIGMA BETA TAU days have taught us. - Melanio M. Derro, MD - Pioneers (written 1999)